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Zone plans FAQ    


If you activated a Lucky Mobile account before December 13th, 2018 you may be on a Zone Plan. These plans, which include usage within our designated Zone service areas, are no longer available. To learn if you are on a Zone Plan, or to switch to a plan with Province or Canada-wide coverage, log into My Account.

I want to switch to a Province or Canada-wide plan

How do I change my plan to a Province or Canada-wide plan?

The fastest and easiest way to change your plan is through My Account. Your plan change will be effective on your next Monthly Charge Date.

Will my plan be more expensive if I switch to a Province or Canada-wide plan?

At Lucky Mobile, we are proud to offer cheap phone plans starting at $15/mo. Check out our variety of affordable plans and find the plan that is right for your budget.

I want to continue using my Zone plan

Can I continue using my existing Zone plan?

Yes. There are no changes to your Lucky Mobile service at this time.

How do I know if I am In-Zone?

All you have to do is dial #ZONE on your Lucky Mobile phone and we will let you know if you are In-Zone or Out-of-Zone.
See the Zone plans coverage

What happens if I use all the 3G data included in my Zone Plan?

3G data included in Zone Plans can only be used within Lucky Mobile Zones. Once you exceed the monthly 3G data included in your plan, you can continue to use data at reduced speeds at no additional charge until your next Monthly Charge Date. When In-Zone data speeds are reduced, you should still be able to access email, browse the web and use most applications. Applications that require higher speeds (such as video streaming) will be affected by the data speed reduction.

To manage your data usage, you can use your mobile phone settings. We will also send you a text message when you reach 50% of your 3G data limit, and again when you have used 100%. This text message will include a link to buy a data Service Pass, if you want to use more 3G data. You will need to have enough funds in your account to pay for the Service Pass.

Can I use an In-Zone data Service Pass while I’m Out-of-Zone?

No. If you are on a Zone Plan, you will need a separate data Service Pass for Out-Of-Zone usage. If you try to use data while Out-of-Zone, we will send you a text message explaining your Out-Of-Zone data Service Pass options.

Do I need to buy different calling and texting Service Passes for when I am In-Zone and Out-of-Zone?

No. All calling and texting Service Passes can be used nationally across the Lucky Mobile network.

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