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Data Add-Ons  

Add data to your plan


What you need to know

  • Zone Plan Data

    You will be able to use the data included in your Zone Plan in any of our Zones.

  • Province & Canada Data Add-Ons

    If you want to add data to your Province or Canada Plan, you’ll need a Data Add-On.

Already a Customer?

You can add and remove Add-Ons 24/7 in My Account

With our Zone Plans, you’ll never get data overage charges. Plus, if you want to add more 3G data to your Zone Plan or want to use data while you are Out-of-Zone, you can get a Service Pass.

Learn more about Service Passes


With Monthly Data Add-Ons, you can customize your plan to fit your needs. Not available with the 50 Minutes Canada-Wide Calling Plan.

500MB at 3G Speeds

  • 500MB
  • Up to 500MB of Canada-wide data at 3G speeds.

1GB at 3G Speeds

  • 1GB
  • Up to 1GB of Canada-wide data at 3G speeds.

2GB at 3G Speeds

  • 2GB
  • Up to 2GB of Canada-wide data at 3G speeds.