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Why Choose Lucky Mobile?


Lucky Mobile is Canada’s super cheap mobile provider. Switching is easy, you can bring your own phone or buy a new one. There’s no credit check, no long-term commitment and no data overage charges. Truth is, you don’t have to be lucky to get great mobile savings – you just have to be with Lucky Mobile.

Cheap phone plans

Cheap Phone Plans

Choose from our super affordable plans starting at just $15/mo. Or get talk, text, and data for as little as $25/mo.

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Switching is Easy

Bring your own phone or buy a new one. Plus, no credit checks, no long-term commitment, and no data overage charges.

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Automatic Top-Up

Automatic Top-Up

Register for Automatic Top-Up and get a bonus with select plans. It’s the easiest way to pay for your Lucky Mobile service.

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Lucky Rewards

Get bonus data just for being with us. Get 250MB/mo. of bonus data after making 6 monthly payments. It’s like the cherry on top.

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International Calling

International Calling

Stay in touch with friends and family for just pennies a minute.

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Lucky Mobile My Account App

Manage your services on the go 24/7, with the Lucky Mobile My Account app. Check your balance, monitor your usage, Top-Up your account, manage your Plan and Add-Ons, and more.

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Canada is big, but you don’t need to worry because we have coverage where most people live and go.

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