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Lucky Mobile SIM cards at Dollarama


You can now buy Lucky Mobile SIM Cards at Dollarama! Just visit your closest Dollarama store opens in new tab , pick-up a Lucky Mobile SIM Card and checkout. Then, just follow the easy steps below to activate the SIM and you’ll be enjoying our super cheap phone plans in no time.

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Activating your Lucky Mobile SIM card

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to activate your SIM card. You can do this easily online or by calling 1-833-88-LUCKY (58259).

During the initial activation, you’ll need to make a payment. You can do this by using a credit card/Visa Debit. Alternatively, if you’d like to pay with cash, you can purchase a Top-Up card at select retailers.

Top-Up Cards are also available at most convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations across Canada.

You can also choose Automatic Top-Up where we will automatically charge your credit card or bank account every month and could be eligible for a special bonus. Learn more about Automatic Top-Up here.

Buying a SIM Card at Dollarama – frequently asked questions

How to get my Dollarama Gift Card:

Q: I bought a SIM Card at Dollarama, how do I get my gift card?

To be eligible for the Gift Card:

  1. Activate your Lucky Mobile SIM card (see steps above)
  2. Make an initial payment for your first month
  3. Top-Up to cover your second month

Once you have completed these 3 actions, the Gift Card will be sent to you as a barcode link via text within a few days of your second Monthly Charge Date, as long as you have enough funds in your account to cover your Total Monthly Charges.

Q: I have added money to my account to cover 2 or more months of my plan. When will I get my Gift Card?

You will receive a text message with a Gift Card barcode 30 days after activation as long as your 2nd month fees are deducted successfully.

Q: I lost the text message that has my Gift Card barcode link in it. How do I get a new one?

If you have received the text message with the URL to your Gift Card but have misplaced or deleted the text message, contact our support team at 1-833-88-LUCKY for assistance.

Q: I forgot to Top-Up the second time and never received my Gift Card. What can I do to get it?

As long as you complete your second Top-Up before your account gets deactivated, you will be eligible to receive the Gift Card.

Using my Dollarama Gift Card:

Q: I received the text message with my Gift Card barcode. How do I redeem it?

Click the unique link in the text you received and show your barcode to the cashier at checkout at any participating Dollarama location , opens in new tab.

Q: How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

You can call Dollarama support at 1-888-755-1006 ext. 1000 to find out the balance of your Gift Card.

Q: I received my Gift Card. How long will I have access to it?

Once you receive your Gift Card and start using it, there is no expiry date. We suggest taking a screenshot of the barcode/Gift Card number and storing it in a safe place in case the original text message is misplaced.

Offer subject to change without notice.