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Recycle your old phone    


Getting a new phone and not sure what to do with your old one? We can help with that. Recycle your old phone at any Lucky Mobile store and help keep our planet clean.

What should I do before recycling my old phone?

Before you recycle your phone, please make sure you do the following:

  • Transfer your mobile service to your new phone or cancel your service.
  • Erase personal information like text messages, photos, contact information and personal files from your phone. To help clear your data, try using the free Cell Phone Data Eraser by Recycle My Cell opens in new tab .
  • Remove your SIM Card if there is one.

How do I recycle my old phone?

You can leave your old phone with a Lucky Mobile Sales Consultant at a Lucky Mobile store. You can also recycle old accessories like headsets, chargers and old batteries.

What happens to the recycled phones?

We first make sure all data is deleted from the old phones, then refurbish and reuse as many phones as we can. The remaining old phones that can’t be saved are recycled in Canada in compliance with Canadian regulations. All net proceeds are donated to mental health initiatives across Canada.

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