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Lost or Stolen Phone    


We know it can be stressful to lose your phone or have it stolen. We're here to help you out and get you back up and running again as soon as possible.

How to protect yourself against theft

The following tips will help you reduce the risk of theft and make the info on your phone more secure:

  • Use the lock code or password feature on your phone at all times.
  • Keep your phone secure and out of sight when not in use.
  • If you have a smartphone, you can use apps for tracking and erasing your phone's data remotely. Please refer phone manufacturer website or manual for more.
  • Keep a record about your phone in a safe place (handy info like phone number, make and model, colour and appearance, IMEI and PIN numbers).

Learn more from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association about protecting yourself and your data.

What to do if your phone has been lost or stolen

Once you notice that your phone is gone, here's what you should do immediately:

  1. If your phone was stolen, report the theft to local police.
  2. Contact Lucky Mobile at 1 833-88-LUCKY (1 833-885-8259). If you report that your phone has been lost or stolen, we will add it to a national "blacklist" of stolen phones to prevent others from using it.

What happens next:

As soon as you let us know that your phone has been lost or stolen, we can suspend your service. If you report your phone as lost or stolen, and do not notify Lucky Mobile of its return, then the phone may be permanently disabled.

In order to ensure that your future prepaid funds are not compromised, we will suspend your recurring charges and any Automatic Top-Up program that you participate in once you notify us that your phone was lost or stolen.

Good to know:

You're responsible for any charges (e.g., calls, texts or data) made on your phone between the time that it's lost or stolen and when you get in touch with us to disconnect it.

Check out your Terms of Service for further details.

How to replace a lost phone and/or SIM Card

If you've lost your mobile phone and/or SIM Card, you can replace it with another phone or SIM Card and keep the same mobile number.

You can buy a new phone and SIM Card at a Lucky Mobile retailer. If you already have a mobile phone or smartphone, you can use it as your replacement phone.

If you reported your phone as lost or stolen and had your account suspended, please contact us to have the account restored and updated with the new SIM and phone.

National Phone Blacklist

In an effort to help our Customers against phone theft, we'll stop service for any HSPA/LTE phone that has been registered as lost or stolen on a national “blacklist”. The national blacklist is used by service providers in Canada to help prevent the usage of lost or stolen phones.

Once a phone is blacklisted, it can’t be used on Lucky Mobile’s network, or the networks of all other service providers in Canada.

What if you find your blacklisted phone?

Give us a call at 1 833-88-LUCKY (1 833-885-8259) and we’ll make sure your phone is removed from the "blacklist". Your phone should regain access to the Lucky Mobile network within 24 hours. A request to remove your phone from the national "blacklist" will also be made within 24 hours.

Good to know:

We can only remove a phone from the blacklist for you, if you were the person that originally blacklisted it. If your phone was reported lost or stolen and blacklisted by another service provider, you must contact that service provider to be removed from the blacklist.

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