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Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs)    


Canada is big, but you don’t need to worry because we have coverage where most people live and go. However, in some rare circumstances, we may need to manage speeds or other aspects of the Lucky Mobile network. This ITMP notice describes some of these circumstances.

Mobile Broadband for First Responders (MBFR):

What is Mobile Broadband for First Responders?

Mobile Broadband for First Responders (MBFR) addresses the needs of emergency first responders, public safety officials and critical infrastructure personnel using our LTE network. MBFR provides these customers with priority access to the LTE network during rare periods where demand for LTE network resources exceeds expected peak capacity (MBFR Events).

When might MBFR Events occur?

MBFR Events are rare. Some examples include natural disasters, threats to public safety or widespread power outages. They occur when demand for LTE network resources exceeds expected peak capacity. This could be a result of demand exceeding engineered thresholds for (i) the actual physical network resources of the cell site and/or (ii) the processing capacity at one or more cell sites.

What are the impacts of MBFR?

During an MBFR Event, non-MBFR users may experience negligibly slower speeds and slightly delayed response times when using certain data services, such as browsing and watching videos. In rare cases, data services and/or voice calls may need to be re-initiated. 9-1-1 service is never affected.

Reduced-Speed Data Above Data Cap :

What is Reduced-speed Data?

Reduced-speed Data allows a user to continue using data at a reduced speed at no additional charge once they have exceeded the allotted 3G data. The reduced speed lasts until the user purchases more 3G data with a Service Pass or until their next Monthly Charge Date. This guards against being cut off from using data without incurring overage fees.

Who does this apply to?

All Lucky Mobile users who subscribe to a plan that includes data (including Canada-wide plans) will have their data speeds reduced to up to 128 Kbps for email, light browsing and messaging once they have used all their 3G data.

What is the impact on data speeds?

Speeds are reduced from up to 3 megabits per second (3 Mbps) to up to 128 kilobits per second (128 Kbps). You should still be able to access email, browse the web and use most applications. Applications that require higher speeds (such as video streaming) will be affected by the data speed reduction.

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