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Do Lucky Mobile Plans include data?

With Lucky Mobile, you can get talk, text and lots of data starting at $40 per month. Check out our plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

Need to add data to your plan? Get a data Add-On or a Service Pass.

What is a data Add-On?

If you have a plan that doesn’t include data and is compatible with our data Add-ons, you’ll need a data Add-On in order to use data. These are charged against your account balance each month on your Monthly Charge Date.

If you buy an Add-On before your next Monthly Charge Date with our Self serve options, it will take effect on your next Monthly Charge Date. If you need your data Add-On immediately, contact us to get it added to your account right away.

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How will I know if I’m running out of data?

We will send you a text message when you reach 50% of your data limit, and again when you have used 100%. This text message will include a link to buy a data Service Pass, if you want to use more data. You will need to have enough funds in your account to pay for the Service Pass. You can also continue to use data at reduced speeds of up to 128 Kbps for email, light browsing and messaging at no additional charge once you have exceeded your allotted data.

Can I use data in other countries?

Not at this time.

Are picture and video messages included in my monthly plan?

Picture and video messages are sent using data. If you subscribe to data, these messages are included in your plan. If you do not have data in your plan, a data Add-On or a data Service Pass, you will not be able to send or receive picture or video messages.

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I brought my own phone to Lucky Mobile. Why am I having trouble using data?

If you brought your own phone and are having trouble using data, you may need to update your phone APN settings.

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