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Unlocking my Phone    


Why would I need to have my phone unlocked?

A non-Lucky Mobile phone needs to be unlocked and compatible with our network before we can activate your Lucky Mobile SIM Card. If you bought your phone from another provider, there's a good chance that it's locked. You will need to contact your previous provider to have them unlock your phone.

If your phone is currently locked to a Canadian provider, they will unlock your phone, free of charge, upon request.

How do I unlock my Lucky Mobile phone?

Phones sold by carriers are locked to that carrier, but you can ask to have your phone unlocked at no charge by contacting us.

  • Only HSPA devices can be unlocked
  • Lucky Mobile phones can be used with Bell, Solo Mobile and Virgin Plus SIM cards, and vice versa - no unlocking required
  • To maintain your device manufacturer's warranty, your unlock request needs to be processed by the original carrier

Unlocking an Apple phone:

  • Once your unlocking request has been completed. you will receive an email confirming the unlocking of your phone
  • Unlocking can take 4 to 6 hours

Unlocking an HSPA phone:

  • You only need the unlocking code to unlock your device. The code does not expire
  • You will need to insert a non-Lucky Mobile, Bell, Virgin Plus or Solo Mobile SIM card when completing the unlocking