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Pre-Authorized Payment Terms | Lucky Mobile


You expressly authorize Lucky Mobile to charge your credit card or other automatic payment vehicle the amount of any charges (including taxes) due under your account if (a) you have requested automatic payment via credit card or other automatic payment vehicle, (b) such charges (including any amounts due as a result of termination of Services before the end of your Service Commitment Period) are outstanding or (c) the Services and this Agreement are terminated. This will constitute Lucky Mobile’s sufficient authority for doing so. You promise that the credit card for which you have provided information to Lucky Mobile is in your name, is valid and has not expired. You promise to promptly advise Lucky Mobile if your credit card information changes due to its loss, theft, cancellation or expiry or other reason.


Lucky Mobile
5099 Creekbank Rd.,
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4W 5N2